Player Grand Piano Series

The Hoffmann and Kuhne Grand Pianos are available with factory installed Piano Disc player units. Factory Installation allows for precise fitting of the player system to ensure the highest performance of the unit. The Player system, by Piano Disc, is one of the most functional and durable player units in the market place. The player unit is available in 2 Piano Disc models. The Piano CD and 228CFX model. Both models come with a large sample of pre-selected CDs for your enjoyment. An extensive library of music for your piano is available from


All Hoffmann and Kuhne Piano Disc units come with the SILENT DRIVE Patent System:

This important, built-in feature allows precise control of the piano's keys and pedals for greater fidelity, expression and low-volume control.

SilentDrive ensures that all Hoffmann and Kuhne player grands play with life-like expression, and sound remarkable even at whisper-soft volume levels.

SilentDrive is an exclusive, patented technology. Its four boards consist of one CPU (central processing unit) and three custom ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) chip-driven boards. The boards communicate using a type of serial information link that runs faster than MIDI. This electronic link allows for the almost instantaneous changes to the solenoid's speed when a new command is given.

With SilentDrive, the Hoffmann and Kuhne PianoDisc systems play at much quieter levels, with whisper quiet movement of the solenoids and incredible dynamic expression.


This easy-to-use, player system brings thrilling piano performances to your piano. PianoCD is an easy-to-use system for those who wish to have a player piano but don't need the recording system of the other models. Its ultra-thin control unit plays via PianoDisc's specially-formatted PianoCDs, which feature music in every category. With PianoCD, each piano key has the capability of 127 levels of expression. A precision speaker system is installed on the underside of the piano to provide accompaniment background music that are pre-recorded on ensemble music CDs. Now, you can have the whole symphonic orchestra or a Jazz trio in the privacy of your living room. PianoCD brings you the thrill of live piano music simply and at an affordable price.

The 228CFX Model

This virtual reality player system offers many unique and exciting features in one powerful package. In solo performances or accompanied by a full symphony orchestra, the Hoffmann and Kuhne Piano Disc's 228CFX brings your piano to life!
Flexibility is a key element of the 228CFX. With it, your piano can play via 3.5" floppy disks, specially-formatted PianoCDs or even access MX (Music Expansion) or MX Platinum, PianoDisc's optional flash memory storage systems. The 228CFX has an all-in-one control unit that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide unparalleled piano performances.

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