Model UK22ITDS - Silent Upright Piano


The MPS2000 Piano Silencer System Piano Series

The Hoffmann and Kuhne Piano Silencer System allows you to mute an acoustic piano 100% so you can play at anytime without disturbing others.

This feature allows your piano to play silently, with the piano's sound heard only through headphones. Whether you live in an apartment, like to practice late at night after the family has gone to bed, or simply like to play or practice in private, the Piano Silencer System will fill your needs, and still let you maintain the touch you love with your acoustic piano.

By moving a small lever underneath the keyboard on the left, the Piano Silencer System activates a mute rail so that the hammers no longer hit the strings when the keys are depressed. Instead, photo sensors under each key make the piano play digitally using an external sound module built into the silencer system. The piano can be heard in one of two ways: through headphones for a private performance, or through amplified speakers. The piano can be played silently or it's sound level can be controlled through the external speaker system. In addition to muting the acoustic piano, the Piano Silencer System also functions as a MIDI Controller so the user can send keyboard and pedal data to computers, digital keyboards, sequencers and other MIDI devices. The system also has over 128 General MIDI compatible sounds and a built-in metronome to add to the playing enjoyment of the piano.

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